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CSF Radiators

CSF Radiators

One of the worst things is finding out that your product was damaged during shipping and needs to be returned. CSF makes sure that all of their cooling system components are packaged and protected during shipping so this does not happen. CSF used specific boxes and packaging techniques according to the product that is being shipped to ensure it does not slide around.

Each heat exchanger from CSF receives its own custom box made from 5-ply, which is extremely durable and can be thrown around without becoming damaged. When consumers purchase CSF radiators, they most likely need it within a few days since the current one is damaged. When the CSF product arrives, the user will not have to worry about any damage to the unit or it needing to be shipped back.

The core of your CSF component is also protected with a hard plastic sheet since it is the most important part. Damaged fins can also decrease the CSF part since this is how crucial to how much air is taken in. When fins are bent, this will close off any access for the air to flow through and the coolant will have a harder time to drop in temperature. CSF has taken nearly every measure to ensure that none of this will happen during shipping.

CSF radiators are also plastic wrapped when they are put inside the shipping box to make sure no scratches occur on the surface. If you are purchasing a race product, this is extremely helpful since the polished aluminum will stay scratch-free and look great under the hood of your car.