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Mud Flaps

Ordering a set of custom mud flaps is often an important process for sport compact owners. A lot of Impreza WRX/STI and EVO owners (among others) use their rides for more than everyday driving. This includes rally cross, off-road racing, and more. Having custom mud flaps bolted on protects the lower exterior of the car from potential damage. They keep the vehicle looking nice, resulting in less maintenance. Of course, there are other benefits, as well. Custom mud flaps add a stylish accent that gets noticed. Whatever your reasons are, knowing what type matches your car and lifestyle is crucial. There are several Rally Armor mud flaps for you to choose from.

If you are active in extracurricular driving activities, the UR series may be the best choice. These are sport compact splash guards that are designed for more movement. Urethane has a pliable property. Rather than being rigid, the sport compact splash guards bend if contact is made. A lot of Impreza or Mazda 3 drivers prefer the increased flexibility because it helps with pulling away from curbs or cutting down inclined turns. Plus, urethane makes the sport compact splash guards more resistant to turbulent temps. You can drive in winter or summer with the same level of protection. They keep their flexibility. Sport compact splash guards made of urethane are a popular option.

The Classic series is another upgrade. Made of hard plastic polymer, Rally Armor classic mud guards are not flexible at all. The advantage to that is defense. In harsh conditions, Rally Armor classic mud guards are very adept at shielding the tires and panels from rocks and kickup. Mud is also rendered a non-threat. And like the UR series, Rally Armor classic mud guards are specifically designed to line up to your vehicle’s mounting holes.

Another critical component is fitment. The main idea of going with custom mud guards for a performance car is to fit in with the shape and style of the body. If there is too much flare or they hang too low, it can be an issue. Rally Armor digitally measures each set of mud flaps to match the dimensions of your vehicle. That means the fitment will be correct and the installation will be easy.

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