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Looking for EVO mud flaps that fit the low profile of your ride and still provide the level of protection you need can be a hassle. There has to be a balance between security, dependability, and style. Rally Armor manufactures Evo mud flaps that are designed to fit your vehicle like a glove with the high quality materials you are looking for. Rally Armor has three styles to choose from – basic, classic, and UR, or urethane.

Before choosing the Evo mud flaps that are right for you, take into account your driving habits. Road racers usually want lightness and flexibility. When that is the case, Evo tire mud guards that are made of urethane are a safe bet. The urethane is weatherproof, but it does not have a lot of rigidity. That helps when you need your tires to have zero restriction. If you keep your Mitsubishi on the street and not the race track, classic or basic Evo tire mud guards might be the answer. The main difference between them is material. Classic Evo tire mud guards are made of a poly-plastic compound. Basic flaps are similar, but are not a custom fit.

One attribute both classic and basic Evo tire mud guards have in common is rigidity. While the urethane is flexible, the rubberized plastic is not. It is harder and denser. From a protective standpoint, it comes in handy. These Rally Armor Lancer mud flaps stand up to roadside debris, shielding your tires and fenders from extra damage. Mud also fails to penetrate their surface, allowing them to be simple to wash off. And just like the urethane Rally Armor Lancer mud guards, classic and basic series options are not vulnerable to extreme changes in temperature.

Shape is crucial, as well. Rally Armor Lancer mud guards vary slightly in terms of width depending on style, but they are all guaranteed to fit. Lowered cars often have an issue in this regard. When an Evo is lowered and has custom wheels, OEM mud flaps can get in the way. They can interfere with clearance, especially on gravelly roadways. Evo splash guards that are specifically intended for your car do not have this problem. The coverage is exceptional and clearance is more than adequate. If you are searching for Evo curb guards that do the job right, click on the “Shop Now” icon today.

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