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Throwing on a set of Ford Focus mud flaps does more than just add some protection to the exterior. It also complements the compactly stylish body of the vehicle. If you do it right, Ford Focus mud flaps are a visual accessory as much as a defensive one. But in order for it to work out, you need high quality. That is where Rally Armor comes into play. Their lineup of Ford Focus mud flaps is of the highest quality in the business. You also get an elite selection to choose from. The RA inventory of Focus splash guards includes the elite UR series and universal options. This gives you the ability to take control and find which style works best for you.

A lot of drivers love the UR series. This is a type of Ford splash guard that is made of urethane. What sets urethane apart from standardized rubber is that it is not affected by temperature. It can be minus 20 degrees out or 86 degrees, and the Focus splash guards will perform the same. That is important in terms of density. Rubber, when exposed to cold, hardens. It is then vulnerable to cracking and curling. That is not a problem here. The urethane that the Focus splash guards are made from allows for constant flexibility regardless of climate.

The UR series is also intended to provide a custom fit. There are pre-drilled holes in the Rally Armor Focus mud flaps, allowing you to just fit them in place and screw them in. Due to their shape, they add more coverage than OEM flaps. A greater degree of width is the main departure. You can flare them out if you have large custom wheels, but it is not always recommended. Interference with Rally Armor mud flaps can cause scuffs and compromise the mounting location.

For drivers looking for an all-in-one fit, universal might be the best choice. There are two differences between universal Rally Armor Focus mud flaps and the UR series. The first is the material. Instead of urethane, plastic polymer is used to make universal RA Focus mud guards. But more crucial than that is the installation. Following purchase, you are required to drill. The Focus Rally Armor mud guards do not come with patterned holes to bracket in. It is simple to do and both instructions and hardware are included.

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