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Choosing the set of Subaru Forester splash guards that matches your vehicle correctly does not have to be difficult. If you know what you are looking for it is just a matter of selecting between different styles. It can be subjective. Some drivers prefer Subaru Forester splash guards that are intended more for protection than style. Others might go for looks over defense. Often, it depends what your driving habits are as to why you need Subaru Forester splash guards. Mudding and rally cross usually require extra reinforcement for the exterior. When that is the case, Forester mud guards made of tough material are often the first choice.

Durability is always a priority. That’s why Rally Armor offers a line of Forester mud guards made of urethane. What separates urethane from other materials is bendability. Stiff, firm Forester mud guards are useful for all-weather defense, but can get stuck on curbs and steep driveways. Drivers whom are active need versatility. Called the UR series, Forester mud guards comprised of urethane are more adaptable for drivers on the move. They are also custom made. Rally Armor develops these Forester mud guards to portray a precise OEM fit.

If you are interested in a traditional setup, the Basic series might be a good match. These are Subaru Forester mud flaps that are slightly thinner but firmer than the UR series. Manufactured using a hard rubberized plastic, you get an upgrade in protection over the OEM guards. The finish is dark charcoal, and is resistant to both weather and UV rays. However long you have these Subaru Forester mud flaps installed, they will not fade due to repeated exposure to sunlight. You can also count on the fit. Just like the URs, basic Subaru Forester mud flaps are designed to install using your vehicle’s factory mounting locations.

Installation does not take very long. For some drivers it may be easier to remove the rear tires in order to access the innermost mounting point. Overall, it is just a matter of using screws, washers, and clips. Rally Armor Forester flaps take about an hour to install. Note: You cannot order in pairs. All RA Forester tire shields are sold in sets of four.

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