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Mud Flaps

Choosing to install Impreza classic mud flaps means combining protection without sacrificing style. If you have gone through the trouble of making mods to your car, why leave the tires and fenders bare? The goal of Impreza classic mud flaps is to put a stop to mud and debris from causing problems. In turn, there is less maintenance to worry about. There is also a nice custom touch others will notice. Impreza classic mud flaps deliver a sleek fit and come with Rally Armor decals (available in an assortment of colors).

Sport compacts typically see a lot of abuse, especially in back of the tires and side panels. Rally Armor Impreza mud flaps are intended to offer greater performance regardless of your driving style. Whether you are into rally cross, off-roading, or just cruising residentially, your car is exposed to potential damage. Rally Armor Impreza mud flaps prevent dirt from accumulating around the tires. That means less sediment caked up on the wheel wells, less muck on the fenders, and of course, less gravel stuck in tire treads. They also clean up nice. Thanks to their material, Rally Armor Impreza mud flaps can be hosed off for a quick wash whenever necessary.

One of the more popular options is Rally Armor’s Classic series. These are WRX/STI mud guards that are made of a stiff poly-plastic compound. Their level of stiffness is why drivers love them. Classic WRX/STI mud guards are dense, which helps them stay resilient. When rocks or kickup pounds the material at high speeds the surface deflects it away. When going in reverse, the WRX/STI mud guards also do a great job at keeping the fenders and wells cleaner. The difference is striking. WRX/STI mud guards keep your Impreza in prime condition in terms of both looks and maintenance.

This product is model-specific. In most cases, Impreza splash guards are sold via model year. That is due to the different measurements and mounting options available.

It depends on what your roadside habits are. Aftermarket Impreza mud flaps that offer a universal fit will work fine if you keep a low profile. However, if you are competitively active on off-road courses, you may require more intricate protection. Subaru WRX curb guards that are specific to your model year offer a more encompassing fit.

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