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Protecting your smooth exterior style is easy with Legacy mud guards. In most cases, this is an addition usually intended for aggressive sport compacts. That is because those types of cars are active in racing and off-roading. But drivers want Legacy mud guards to keep their rides clean on an everyday basis. Since this car combines luxury and performance attributes, maintaining its profile is often a priority. Keeping it clean and well-protected can be difficult to do if you live in an area with inconsistent terrain. Installing a set of Legacy mud guards is a fast way to increase defense without sacrificing style.

The first key is in the design. Rally Armor digitally measures the OEM configuration where the Legacy splash guards will be installed. This works in two ways. Firstly, it helps with protection. Since the Legacy splash guards are sized exactly according to model specs, the coverage is optimal. The tires are shielded in back but there are no clearance problems. Once in place the Legacy splash guards will not scrape the pavement. You can drive up a steep driveway or down a swooping incline and there will be no issues. Most importantly, Legacy splash guards will keep dirt, rocks, and mud from doing excessive damage.

The second key is the material. The highest level version of Legacy rally mud flaps is the UR series (urethane). Unlike rubber, urethane is not affected by drastic changes in temperature. When Legacy rally mud flaps made of urethane are exposed to freezing cold, they will not harden. Instead, they will display the same level of flexibility as when in moderate temps. Just as important is their strength. Legacy rally mud flaps will not rip or crack. Their urethane composition allows them to be able to handle contact in all off-road situations. Plus, they are simple to clean. If your custom splash guards are caked with dry mud just use a hose to rinse them off.

Installation is intended to be quick. Each set of Subaru curb guards comes with screws, washers, and clips as well as instructions. There is no drilling necessary. You will use the car’s OEM mounting holes.

You cannot purchase in pairs for one side of the vehicle. Rally Armor Legacy mud flaps are sold in sets of four.

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