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Mud Flaps

The exterior of your car is a vulnerable place. Between the tires, wheel wells, and fenders, there is constant risk. Mazda 3 mud flaps go a long way towards protecting your ride the right way. The key is in the placement. Designed specifically for your vehicle, Mazda 3 splash guards offer a form-fitting answer for extra tough terrain and smooth city streets.

The level of quality is the most important variable. Mazda 3 splash guards designed for your model make a big difference. Generic mud flaps are not made to the contours of your wheel wells and fender displacement. This allows for a precise fit. Rally Armor manufactures their line of Mazda 3 mud flaps according to your car’s measurements. Fitment is predicated upon model year. However, there are Mazda 3 mud flaps made for a universal fit. They are not divided up into model year specificity. That means no matter which year your car is, you can install universal Mazda 3 mud flaps and get the effect you are looking for.

But the biggest reason drivers are into it is due to the material. RA Mazda 3 mud guards come in three primary options: UR (urethane), Classic, and Basic. The materials differ most in flexibility. RA Mazda 3 mud guards made from urethane are slim and known for pliability. They offer superior defense against mud and snow covered roadways with a light composition. Classic RA Mazda 3 mud guards are made of a rubberized plastic and are very firm. Instead of being flexible, they are extremely stiff. Aside from pronounced protection, both types of RA Mazda 3 mud guards are nearly impervious to extreme temperature changes and weather conditions.

For drivers looking for improved material over the OEM but do not require a specialized brand of protection, there is another option available. The Basic series provides improved defense over the factory without a specialized finish. These Rally Armor Mazda flaps are also slightly different because they are not intended to fit any specific version of your model.

Installation may differ depending on model year. All Rally Armor splash guards come with hardware (brackets, screws, washers, etc.). Drilling should not be necessary.

For extra style, Mazda 3 custom mud flaps also come with Rally Armor decals.

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