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Outback Splash Guards

Mud Flaps

Rally Armor presents a full line of Outback splash guards that are designed to offer up the exterior defense you are looking for. Unlike most station wagons, the Outback has a sporty reputation. That means it is used on surfaces other than asphalt. If you like to rough it up on different types of terrain, Outback splash guards come in handy. Made just for your car, they are designed to impart a higher level of protection that exceeds what the factory is capable of. That is because Rally Armor custom fits each set of Outback splash guards according to your car’s measurements. In addition, the material used is stronger and more resilient to extreme changes in temperature.

There are different Subaru Outback mud flaps that Rally Armor offers. The first style, called “UR”, is made of genuine urethane. Their greatest attribute is flexibility. There are other editions of Subaru Outback mud flaps that are very stiff. Drivers that are into racing or rally cross prefer flexibility because it is somewhat lighter and also does not get caught up in gravel or dirt. However, Subaru Outback mud flaps that promote a high amount of density are popular, as well. Known as the “Classic” series, rigidity is the name of the game. Classic Subaru Outback mud flaps are extremely firm, which allows them to easily deflect rocks, mud, and debris.

Another critical aspect is fitment. Both the UR and Classic series highlight Rally Armor Outback mud flaps. Either series is digitally rendered and cut to match your vehicle’s exact specifications. The intent is to promote the same sizing as the OE but with wider coverage and better clearance for performance applications. Rally Armor Outback mud flaps use the factory holes, so drilling is not necessary. In addition, you will not have to purchase any hardware. All Rally Armor Outback mud flaps come with brackets and screws.

Style is a big part of the equation. Rally Armor splash guards are most commonly finished in black with a RA decal included for each flap. The decals come in a variety of colors. But there are other options, as well. There are universal Outback custom mud flaps available that come in red, blue, and black.

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