Rally Armor Mud Flaps

Rally UR Series

Mud Flaps

In the world of sport compacts, Rally UR series mud flaps are the preferred choice of drivers looking for increased tire protection. It does not matter if you race your ride on gravelly off-road courses or cruise down city streets, the tires are exposed to constant nuisances. Any type of dirt or sediment will find a way to get inside of the treads or stick to the wheel wells. The Rally UR series offers a higher level of defense as opposed to generic aftermarket mud flaps. They are shaped to offer more coverage and most of all, boast a sturdier, more reliable material. If you are intent on keeping your wheels looking fresh, Rally UR series splash guards are the way to go.

The substance Rally Armor uses is the key difference. Urethane splash guards are tough and versatile. Over a prolonged period of time, water and mud can do damage. Moisture can seep into the rubber of your tires and compromise the treads. And if mud dries, it can be difficult to simply hose off. Urethane splash guards have an impenetrable surface. Water is not able to get inside of the material. Even mud will stay put on the surface. All it takes is rinsing off the urethane splash guards and you are all set. What is even more important is the endurance factor. Your tires will last longer and your fenders and wheel wells are less vulnerable. Urethane splash guards represent a legitimate upgrade in protection.

The climate will not play a role. Thanks to the versatility urethane offers, RA mud flaps do not wilt or harden according to temperature. Whether in extreme cold or intense heat, they will maintain the same density. In other words, Rally Armor urethane mud flaps work the same in Alaska as they do in California.

Their shape is also a main ingredient. Since they are designed for rides like the Impreza and EVO, the UR mud flaps offer adequate coverage. Lowered cars and racing compacts are more susceptible to roadside debris. The tires take on sediment continuously. UR mud flaps are shaped according to vehicle. That means the fit is always precise and the protection is constant. In fact, UR mud flaps are often used by competitive racers to combat loose terrain.

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