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Rally Armor has a variety of splash guard sets for you to choose from. Each one is predicated upon offering a greater amount of protection and an encompassing OEM fit. The everyday driver is not often concerned about purchasing a full splash guard set. Instead, they usually only want mud flaps for the rear tires. That is especially common with larger vehicles. But owners of performance and compact cars typically desire extra defense, given the kind of driving and terrain they encounter. That is why Rally Armor offers splash guard sets of four and not two. This way, each driver gets the full complement of defense for every area of their car.

Currently, RA specializes in producing 4-piece mud flap sets for sports compact cars and wagons. Models such as the Lancer EVO, Subaru Outback, Impreza WRX/STI, and Mazda 3 are among the most popular in the lineup. For cars like these, 4-piece mud flap sets are almost a necessity. That is due in large part to the activities drivers use them for. If participating in rally cross or even on sanctioned racetracks, having a 4-piece mud flap set helps with keeping the tires clear of sediment and debris. Rally Armor has formulated different styles of custom splash guards for this specific reason. The more protection a 4-piece mud flap set offers, the better performance your car will have.

The top of the line series is called the “UR.” These are Rally Armor mud flaps made of urethane. The advantages to urethane are flexibility and weight. Lighter than heavy-duty flaps, UR Rally Armor mud flaps deliver defense against mud and dirt but most of all, retain the same density regardless of climate or temperature. Right behind them is the Classics series. The main difference between the Classics and URs is material. Instead of urethane, these Rally Armor mud flaps are made of plastic polymer. While not as flexible, they bring a contoured OE-style fit with as much, if not more overall coverage.

Another common choice is the basic mud flaps. In one way they are very similar to the Classics. Featuring a rubberized texture, they have a discernible level of pliability. However, their main departure is how they fit. Unlike most Rally Armor custom mud flaps, the basics series are a universal fit, which means they can go on just about any vehicle.

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