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Fitting on a set of Veloster splash guards that match your car’s personality is important. You need the right materials, the proper fit, and of course, a customized OE look. Rally Armor manufactures a full line of Veloster splash guards that fit the description. Available in top quality materials and constructed to offer maximum exterior defense, roadside nuisances will no longer be an issue. Veloster splash guards make driving on any type of terrain a lot less worrisome. The wheel wells, fenders, and side panels stay cleaner. Plus, the tire treads are better protected against gravel and sediment. If you are interested in keeping your ride clean, Hyundai Veloster mud flaps are the way to go.

One of the main bulletpoints to keep an eye on is fitment. Replacing the original Hyundai Veloster mud flaps in favor of an aftermarket set can be tricky. Many times, the fit is slightly off. That is because companies make their replacement mud flaps to fit multiple vehicles. Not Rally Armor. You can be assured their set will go on like a glove. They develop their Hyundai Veloster mud flaps according to the car’s factory measurements. This results in better coverage, adequate clearance, and more style. It also helps with installation. Since their Hyundai Veloster mud flaps are guaranteed to fit, you will not have to modify the pieces when placing them on.

Two different choices are currently offered: “UR” and universal. The UR series is indicative of the material used, which is urethane. Rally Armor Veloster mud guards made of urethane are very bendable, which is handy coming off of curbs and driveways. Urethane is also great pulling out of snow banks. To top it all off, the Rally Armor UR flaps do not harden and crack due to extreme cold. They will retain the same density regardless of the temperature.

Universal refers to the fitment. These are Rally Armor Veloster mud guards that are designed to fit on any model year of the vehicle. The other difference is that instead of urethane, the material employed for manufacturing is a plastic polymer. Rather than showcasing a consistent flexibility, there is a high degree of stiffness.

All custom Veloster mud flaps come with hardware, install directions, and decals. Light drilling is involved with the universal flaps, but is not required for the vehicle itself.

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