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Exterior protection comes easy with a Smittybilt bed cover. Featuring a mix of ultra-tough material and the latest technology, Smittybilt bed covers are a versatile answer for truck owners looking for a custom line of defense.

One of the perks of owning a pickup truck is storing stuff in the back. Tools, lumber, and equipment are common items you might find on a truck bed. With a Smittybilt bed cover, you can keep whatever you store in your bed clean and dry in all types of weather.

This is not a one size fits all product. The Smittybilt Smart cover is measured and developed for specific truck bed sizes, so it is not a universal truck part. They also do not require assembly upon arrival, so when you receive it, you can get to work right away with (the simple) installation. Featuring a special speed-locking system, Smittybilt Smart covers can be put on and removed extremely quickly with no problem. This is aided by the bowed frame design, which calls for you to fit it in the perimeter of the bed rails. Once it is fastened, you can open and close the tri-fold vinyl tonneau cover in mere seconds. Use the ballistic nylon straps to lock it down.

A key trait in any truck bed cover you are interested in is the toughness of the fabric. Smittybilt Smart covers are comprised of leather-grain vinyl that can stand up to all weather or work conditions. Leather-grain vinyl is the most appropriate grade of material for this application. A vinyl tonneau cover will not absorb water or snow and also will not rip (easily) if put in contact with sharp tools or equipment. In addition to the covering itself, the frame is designed for durability, as well. Smittybilt uses 6061 aluminum, which is known for its light yet strong quality. The corners are reinforced for additional strength and stability.

Each vinyl tonneau cover is equipped with its own cargo net, allowing you to keep your gear in place as you drive. You will not have to worry about your cargo coming loose and sliding around during bouts of inclement weather. Smittybilt truck parts are known for their quality and endurance. That is what you get with their line of vinyl tonneau covers. Click on the Shop Now button to learn more today.

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