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Truckers use Smittybilt bumper taillights to finish off the back of their pickups with some illumination. After you have installed a new M1 bumper, you are almost done completing your truck's rear off-roading profile. But there is still something missing. Smittybilt bumper taillights neatly install into the M1 bumper to display a crystal clear housing that shoots out piercing light.

Most drivers interested in Smittybilt bumper taillights want them for two distinct reasons. The first is because they put the finishing touches on their M1 bumper. Without the rear bumper taillights, the area has a bare space that looks incomplete. Secondly, off-road drivers use Smittybilt bumper taillights for increased back-end vision when out on the dusty trail at night. After sundown hits, your factory taillights do the job of providing a warning to other drivers in the area where you are. But Smittybilt bumper taillights have a different responsibility. Instead of just giving off a lighted beacon to your truck's position, M1 bumper lights give you increased vision for the trail behind you.

Size matters with pickup tail lights. When located on the bumper, it is not a good idea to showcase pickup tail lights that have a very wide diameter. It can become a distraction to other off-roaders and emit too much light. Smittybilt truck bumper lights are 2.5" in diameter, giving your pickup the perfect amount of lower rear HD lighting it needs.

Since Smittybilt truck tail lamps are intended for off-roading, there is no flashy color. They are clear and give off a bright, whitish beam. This is a safety upgrade as much as a fashionable one. Pickup tail lights are good to have during nightfall, fog, and inclement weather.

This is also not a universal automotive accessory. Smittybilt truck bumper lights are designed specifically to go with the M1 bumper. Because of this, you will not have to worry about installation. All you will have to do to install these truck bumper taillights is fit them in through the hole(s). From there, you just simply connect the wiring harness to the factory wires and you are good to go. Instructions are included. If you would like to learn more about pickup tail lights available for your bumper, click on the Shop Now button.

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