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Off-road performance and style is what Smittybilt fender flares are all about. A lot of Jeep owners are always looking for ways to give the exterior of their vehicle a custom appearance that also matches their level of activity. That is why with Jeep off-road accessories, it is important for parts to be tough while looking good. Smittybilt fender flares fit the description. Crafted from the toughest automotive materials and designed for model-specific results, Smittybilt fender flares give Jeep fanatics the ability to tackle terrain while making an impression.

The goal of Jeep fender flares is to provide a modicum of protection above the wheel-well and against the body. They also annunciate the lift in suspension so that it is more noticeable to onlookers. This is especially palatable for drivers whom own lifted Jeeps. On the street, Jeep fender flares are more of a show item. However, when taken off-road they can actually defend against dirt, sand, and sediment finding their way onto or into the vehicle, especially the fenders. The primary material used for Smittybilt fender flares is automotive ABS plastic, which allows for both pliability and durability. You also have fender options with 6" of width for improved off-road functionality.

For more aggressive Jeep owners there are XRC fender flares. In place of ABS plastic, Smittybilt manufactures their line of XRC fender flares from stainless steel. Their stainless steel construction is an important characteristic for drivers who regularly traverse rocky, gravelly environments, especially at high speeds or with uneven topography. This is when rocks and pebbles can do the most damage. XRC is actually an acronym for extreme rock climbing, and that attitude is what XRC fender flares are designed to depict. In terms of aftermarket Jeep parts, these are one of the most popular.

Both styles of Smittybilt Jeep fender flares are finished with a black powder-coat. But you do not have to keep this finish, you can paint your flares to match the body color of your Jeep or choose a contrasting shade for your own custom look. Installation is not a long commitment, as it only requires some simple drilling. Instructions and hardware are included.

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