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Drivers install Smittybilt grab handles to make life inside their Jeeps easier. That is because most people who own these vehicles desire utility. They want something to hold onto when the going gets rough. With Smittybilt grab handles, you and your passengers have the ability to feel more comfortable when driving over rocky terrain.

If you have hosted guests during trips to the trail you could probably tell they had trouble staying still. This happens often. Jeep roll bar handles give stability to passengers so they can enjoy off-roading, too. But they are not made just for that. There are other uses for Jeep grab handles beyond rock crawling. If your rig is lifted, it can be a pain getting in and out. You have to stretch just to get your foot on the doorsill. Not with Jeep grab handles. Instead, all you have to do is reach up and hold onto it for quick access up and into the cabin.

You can tell how Jeep grab handles work just by looking at their shape. Constructed to form a u and comprised of pliable material, Smittybilt handgrips provide a comfortable fabric that will not cause irritation on your hands, nor do they require using forearm strength to maintain grip. That is not the case with aftermarket knockoffs. There have been Wrangler grab handles that were made out of ABS plastic that are hard to hold onto after a while. Smittybilt had something different in mind. They wanted to cater to everyone. That is why their Jeep grab handles are flexible and soft.

High quality material is important for all Jeep interior accessories. This is especially true with products that offer comfort and safety. Smittybilt grab handles are comprised of ballistic nylon, which makes them tough enough to last and soft enough for everyone. The handle is molded for even more comfort.

Installation is simple. They are referred to as Jeep roll bar handles for a reason. For most Wrangler models, all it takes is using the factory mounting points around the bar and the included hardware. It should take only a few minutes to be completed. Once they are in you are good to go. Jeep roll bar handles can be used immediately for your next 4x4 excursion.

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