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The main reason Smittybilt headlight guards are important for Jeep owners is the kind of protection they provide. There are constant dangers that your vehicle is exposed to. It can be anything from sticks and rocks to leaves and debris. Your headlights are often under attack. Smittybilt headlight guards are designed to shield your lenses from damage while showing off a custom, exotic touch that raises your vehicle's fashion sense.

Even if you are not an off-roading fanatic, the headlights on the front of your Jeep are in harm's way more than the average vehicle. That is because of how the front-end is designed. Smittybilt headlight guards take this into account. Instead of just displaying a rough covering over the lens, Jeep euro headlight guards are installed into the recess of the headlight. Installing this way promotes greater durability and a tighter fitment. You will not have to worry about Jeep euro headlight guards coming loose or falling off. Even if you encounter extra rough terrain, you can count on your set of Jeep euro headlight guards to withstand all of the elements.

Toughness for exterior parts is important. Jeep euro headlight guards are constructed entirely of T304 stainless steel. Smittybilt purposely uses steel for their line of Jeep headlight protectors because of the disparity in driving styles. Many Wrangler owners use their vehicles for off-roading situations where they are at risk. T304 stainless steel Jeep headlight protectors have no problem stopping rocks and pebbles from reaching the lens. You also will not have to worry about other objects such as tree branches or bushes. Wherever you are on the trail, Jeep headlight protectors remain resilient while defending your lamps from potential damage.

When it comes to Wrangler exterior accessories, drivers want style that stands out. Smittybilt offers either polished steel or black powder coat as your choice of finishes. You can select the finish of your Smittybilt euro light guards to show off a classy shine or a sleek, exotic look. Installation is a non-invasive procedure that should not take too long. Mounting hardware and instructions are included. Wrangler euro guards are sold in pairs and come backed by a 5 year warranty.

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