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Truck owners know that Smittybilt ball mounts can be trusted to handle all of their trailing needs. Whether you are towing a trailer full of work equipment or a couple of ATVs for some off-roading fun, Smittybilt ball mounts are recognized for their durability and strength.

What makes Smittybilt ball mounts so tough is their construction. Rather than being shaped and pressed out of aluminum, the company hammer-forges genuine Q235 stainless steel. They also added reinforced gussets for extra sturdiness. To ensure that each Smittybilt ball mount provides an accurate shape and reliability, they are robotically welded. This welding technique is used for many truck towing parts because the level of strength has to be incorruptible. Smittybilt hitch mounts are Class III rated (up to 6,000lbs).

One of the most common occurrences drivers endure with trailer hitches is the accumulation of rust and corrosion. Given the location of a ball mount drop hitch, it is easy to see why. It is constantly exposed to the elements and is regularly mated with other metal or steel parts. For this reason, Smittybilt hitch mounts are given a tough yet attractive black powder coat. The coating acts as a protectant against rainy or wintry weather and is corrosion-resistant.

You have a wide range of sizes to choose from when it comes to Smittybilt hitch mounts. Depending on the size of your truck and the load it can handle (not to mention what your towing habits are), Smitty has you covered. Hitch ball mounts are available (in two inch increments) from 2" 1 all the way up to 10". This gives truck owners plenty of choices. It does not matter if you own a full-size pickup like the Dodge Ram 1500 or something more compact such as the Toyota Tacoma, Smittybilt makes sure they offer hitch ball mounts that are agreeable for every driver's towing needs.

Often, owning a truck means towing. After all, that is a main reason why many folks purchase one. When looking for aftermarket hitch ball mounts, it is important to take into consideration toughness and dependability. Smittybilt hitches are known throughout the truck world for their level of quality.

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