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Drivers use Jeep cargo nets to keep their gear in place during trips to the trail. If you own a Wrangler and go off-roading, chances are you have experienced what it is like to go off-roading and have items bounce around the back. Jeep cargo nets are designed to make sure your items stay safe inside your vehicle, right where they belong.

Boxes, gear bags, and camping equipment are kept safe with a Jeep cargo net. If you have driven without a hard top on, you understand the risk of things potentially falling out. And tying everything down can take time. The idea behind Jeep cargo nets is to provide a simple, efficient answer for drivers who want to keep the rugged, soft-top style without leaving their belongings vulnerable. Smittybilt designed their C.RES (cargo restraint system) to provide a secure perimeter around your Jeep to allow more confidence on both off-road paths and city roadways.

Smittybilt makes all of their Jeep cargo nets out of PVC vinyl, which is the same type of material OEM soft tops are comprised of. Automotive PVC vinyl is recognized for its outstanding durability and resistance to all weather conditions. It also will not fray or crack due to extreme temperatures. Smittybilt cargo nets not only keep equipment in place, but you can use them to organize the trunk, as well. Tall, slender items like fishing rods and oars can be poked out of a square hole in the Wrangler cargo net to make more room inside the cabin.

One of the main features Smittybilt cargo nets offers is the integrated zippers. The zippers are great for camping trips or tailgating at a sporting event, where having fast access to the cargo area is important. This product is a custom addition, meaning Smittybilt cargo nets are not a universal fit for all Jeep models. Currently, they are available for the Wrangler and Unlimited (1992-2013 models). Since this is a custom part, you can count on a perfect fit. Wrangler cargo nets are a no drill installation that takes just a few minutes to set up. You can also depend on the level of quality. Smittybilt Wrangler cargo nets come backed with 5 year limited warranty.

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