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Off-roading savvy is what Smittybilt Jeep clinometers are meant for. If you take your 4x4 out for rocky adventures, you are regularly encountering uneven surfaces. Steep inclines, declines, and hills are just part of the deal. Sometimes it can be hard to read if your vehicle is level or in danger of tipping. With a Smittybilt Jeep clinometer, off road enthusiasts have the capability to enjoy the thrill of the outdoors while keeping upright.

Driving up steep, gravelly terrain, cutting the wheel, and moving forward is a major pastime for Jeep owners. But it is important to keep safe not only so your vehicle does not get damaged, but more importantly, to avoid injury. Using a tilt clinometer is highly recommended as a safety precaution. They are not cumbersome. Smittybilt clinometers are placed on your dash and do not take up a lot of room. Best of all, installation is no sweat.

A lot of off-roading fans are familiar with what a Smittybilt Jeep clinometer does. It is a gauge panel that displays angles in degrees, side by side and front to back. The Smittybilt Clinometer I incorporates both angles with a graphic read out so you have a clearer picture of your vehicle's relationship with the surface. It is also illuminated for nighttime four wheeling. There is not a big difference with the Smittybilt Clinometer II. It depicts both angles as the first but adds a compass, which is placed in the middle. This is to allow for some of those longer journeys into the unknown that drivers love. However, the Smittybilt Clinometer II is not illuminated.

Both styles are compact. The tilt clinometer I measures 5" x 2.5" x 2" while the updated model comes in at 4.75" x 2.5" x 1.5. Some Jeep off-road gauges can be as long as 6" and become a distraction. It is important that whichever 4 wheel tilt meter you choose it does not interfere with your vision.

It does not take much to install a Smittybilt tile clinometer. All it involves is sticking it onto the dash with automotive double-sided tape (included). Once it is in place, your Jeep inclinometer will stand firm on your dash regardless of vehicle turbulence.

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