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The key to a Smittybilt Jeep hardtop is that it delivers improved quality in several areas. Wrangler fans have more than one reason why a Smittybilt Jeep hardtop makes sense for their vehicle. Some want one for the look. Others may need one to cut down on noise. Many drivers go for an aftermarket hardtop because they require a mobile yet durable method of protection against inclement weather. Whatever your reasons are, you want dependable results along with an OEM fit that lasts. That is precisely what Smittybilt Jeep hardtops are designed for.

Material is always crucial with replacement Jeep tops because they have to demonstrate sturdiness in all types of conditions. Each Smittybilt hard top is made of honeycomb fiberglass. The fiberglass is hand-crafted and molded to reinforce its structural integrity before it is finished. Noise reduction is another attribute. Smittybilt hard tops feature carpet lining that quiets down outside volume while remaining resistant to dust and mildew. The lining also contributes to better temperature management. Smittybilt implemented a new de-tuned air vent, as well, which further tempers noise and airflow inside the cab. You will notice less wind swirling and vehicle sway when out on the trail or roadway.

Appearance is a factor when choosing many auto accessories and it is no different with Smittybilt hard tops. That is because the finish is as important as the overall quality of the part. Smittybilt hard tops are finished with a textured black powder-coat that matches the body style and attitude your Wrangler or TJ expresses. In addition to the powder-coating, replacement Jeep tops sport a layer of thick UV-resistant gel. This is to protect the finish from fading due to sunlight. The windows are DOT approved safety glass that showcases a 31% tint.

It does not take much to install a replacement Jeep top. There is a quick-release front latch, allowing it to basically click in. To ensure stability while the vehicle is in motion, Smittybilt Wrangler tops come with easy-to-use factory rear mounting hardware. Instructions are included to make it a hassle-free installation. Fiberglass Jeep tops are available in either one or two-piece designs, check your model year for eligibility.

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