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Exterior protection is what Smittybilt Jeep windbreakers deliver. If you are rolling around with a soft top (or no top) but still want a buffer between the cab and the elements, an Outback windbreaker does the trick. It is a great addition whether you are into heavy off-road driving or for regular residential use. There are several advantages to installing one. A Smittybilt Jeep windbreaker offers security versus the elements, a quieter ride, smoother driving, and a custom appearance.

It does not matter if you are rolling on terrain or cruising the city streets, Jeep owners encounter the same issues. Too much noise from the wind and rain pelting down are the best examples. Smittybilt Jeep windbreakers enact a protective covering that stretches from the floor to the top so that you can drive in peace. Wind whips in from seemingly all directions when you are in motion and it can affect the stability of the vehicle. With an Outback windbreaker, your Jeep stays in line while providing greater comfort. There is less noise, less moisture, and less problems. This is aided by the material the Outback Jeep windbreaker is made of.

Smittybilt uses high quality fabric to manufacture Outback windbreakers. The material is made to be resistant to moisture and absorb sound. You can also still see the outside, as Outback windbreakers include rear clear plastic windows that are resilient in all types of weather conditions. You can drive in the middle of a downpour and your Wrangler wind breaker will stay strong throughout.

Smittybilt designs their all of their Jeep exterior accessories to provide a safe, easy installation. In most cases, Outback Jeep windbreakers are easily attached to the roll bar using the included straps. There should not be any additional modifications necessary, even with a standard top. There is some drilling involved into the floor using pre-fabricated mounting holes because the Smittybilt wind protector is kept secure with a metal channel. After it is connected to the roll bar, the lower cutout is further stabilized with a zipper. During installation it is a good idea to have a hair dryer handy. Outback Jeep windbreakers install easier when the fabric is softened.

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