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Custom protection for your Jeep is why Smittybilt rock sliders are a must-have for off-road fanatics. The side of your vehicle is left open and vulnerable when on hilly terrain. Your 4x4 tires constantly kicking up dirt, rocks, mud, pebbles, and other types of debris can cause streaks and scratches. With Smittybilt rock sliders, you can enjoy increased protection near your quarter panels and fenders without having to make a serious modification.

It happens all the time. A Jeep owner rumbling around in a Wrangler or Cherokee comes home, only to find dents and dings on the bottom of the door. This is not uncommon. What Smittybilt rock sliders do is provide a durable strip of defense that contours at the bottom of the vehicle on the side. This is an area that gets hit often. XRC rock sliders can handle kick-up and debris without coming away with so much as a scuff. For added comfort, you can order XRC rock sliders with or without a step. And if you have previously installed XRC corner guards, adding even more Smittybilt Jeep armor to the equation is always a good idea!

Toughness is a priority when it comes to exterior Jeep accessories, and that is why XRC rock sliders are crafted from authentic cold-rolled steel. Smittybilt shapes each one out of 3/16" plating, which presents a virtually impenetrable shield without being too cumbersome on the side of the vehicle along with a 1.75" over-rider tube. And unlike aluminum, which is corruptible during inclement weather, the steel used in XRC rock sliders is specifically intended to ward off rain and mud as much as dirt and rocks.

All Smittybilt Jeep armor is powder-coated in matte black over two stages. The finish serves two purposes. The first, of course, is to present a sleek color. But the other is to enact a level of protection for the surface. However, you do not have to keep your Smittybilt Jeep armor matte black. If you would like, you can paint it the color of your choice. You can paint XRC armor to match the body of your vehicle, pre-installed rocker guards, or choose a whole different color for a stylish custom statement.

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