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With a set of Smittybilt rocker guards, rocks and debris are no longer a threat. If you enjoy stomping around in your Wrangler, chances are you have encountered rough terrain. The lower sides of your doors can incur dents and dings from your journeys. Smittybilt rocker guards are designed to lessen the risk of damage to your Wrangler while providing a custom look that stands out.

The reason SRC rocker guards are built to be durable is because of the type of vehicle they are intended for. Wranglers have a reputation as an off-road machine and a lot of drivers treat them that way. Smittybilt developed their line of SRC rocker guards to mirror that ideal. Crafted of stainless steel tubing, Wrangler rocker guards have the ability to repel rocks, pebbles, and other debris while keeping your lower fender area safe. After all, the lower part of the body is the one area most susceptible to damage when off-roading.

You do not get just one tube with Smittybilt rocker guards. Each guard has one lower tube and one upper tube for extra protection. Whether your Jeep Wrangler has two doors or four, Smittybilt rocker guards install from wheel to wheel. They are a one-piece design crafted from 2" .120 wall tubing. Regardless of what kind of environment you like to roll your 4x4 in, SRC rocker guards are meant for superior security you can count on.

When it comes to installing Smittybilt side armor, it is a do it yourself procedure. You will need a ratchet with sockets and a drill. It is a four-step process and hardware is included with your Smittybilt side armor. All it really entails is lining up the brackets to the mounting holes and accounting for where you are going to drill. Then you will have to position the guard against the frame, ratchet in the bolts, and you are done. If you have a good amount of space and the right tools, it should not take you too long to accomplish.

Like most of the company's Jeep off-road parts, the finish is sleek and attractive. Smittybilt side armor is finished in black powder-coat that elicits both a protective surface and unique appearance. However, if you prefer to match the body color of your Wrangler, Smittybilt side armor can be painted accordingly.

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