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Protecting your Jeep with a Smittybilt cab cover is a good idea rain or shine. The more exposed your exterior is to the elements, the more at risk it is. And if you leave your cab open overnight, the interior can be in danger of getting soaked. When you get up with a Smittybilt cab cover, your worries are over. You can simply keep one folded up in the back of your Wrangler or CJ and break it out when you know you are going to park. You do not need to perform any arduous installation, either. A Smittybilt cab cover can be thrown right over your vehicle's body in no time whenever you need it.

Think of Smittybilt cab covers as an all-weather solution. Comprised of a specially-treated fabric, neither rain nor mud will penetrate the surface and seep into your Jeep. So long as it is installed correctly, rain will pool on the waterproof Jeep cover without collapsing down on to the interior. If you leave your Wrangler parked and it has a Jeep cab cover, your only job is to remove the cover and tilt the fabric to the side to remove the excess water. This is an important feature, especially for Jeep owners who live in tumultuous climates.

It does not take long to install a waterproof Jeep cover. However, before doing so it is important to lower the soft top (when applicable). The reason is because not only will the cover fit inadequately, but you could also damage the lining near the straps. When you unfold your waterproof Jeep cover, unfurl it as you would a blanket. Next, line it up, being sure to account for the door flap. After that, just take the Jeep cab cover and clasp it over the windshield frame and then up and over to the roll-bar. At the top it should be somewhat taught but it should not appear overly stretched.

You can find cab covers along with other Smittybilt Jeep accessories for the Wrangler, TJ, CJ, Cherokee, and more. It does not matter if you enjoy off-roading on the weekends or keep your Jeep parked during the rainy season, protecting your vehicle with quality and style is always a priority.

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