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Mounting a new Smittybilt street bar is a great way to ensure you are always driving in light. Pickup truck and Jeep owners are often interested in Smittybilt street bars due to the absence of stock off road lights. The best place to sport extra illumination is in the lower front of the vehicle so it will shine on the road as well as objects in your periphery. A Smittybilt street bar mounts directly to the front at the bottom of the grille, lighting the way for you to continue on down your off-roading path, even in the darkest of night.

The difference between roof-mounted fog lights and Smittybilt light bars is not only in their locations, but also how they operate. Roof lights are suitable for off-road driving, but they can cause too much of a distraction. That is because the lights from the roof combined with the headlights can illicit too much bleeding, where it can be tough to differentiate depth and objects. Smittybilt light bars are placed lower near the truck grille. They are below the headlights, not above them, giving you more clarity in distance and better resistance to vibration.

One of the main benefits Smittybilt light bars offer is the opportunity to be creative. You can choose how many lights you wish to mount, depending on the application. The Smittybilt light bar can host up to four 9" diameter lights, which would provide more than enough luminance to attack the terrain after sundown. They are also built to be much tougher than typical 4x4 truck lights. Rather than use aluminum or ABS, Smittybilt employs 1.25 x .095 steel tubing. This gives the 4WD light bar the strength it needs to handle rough driving conditions.

For both looks and protection, each 4WD light bar is finished with a high-gloss black powder coat. As for installation, there is some light drilling involved. However, Smittybilt includes installation instructions and hardware with their 4WD light bars so you can do it yourself. Like most Smittybilt pickup truck accessories, off-road light bars are available for the Chevy Silverado, Ford F-150, Toyota Tacoma, Dodge Ram, and more.

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