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Comfort and toughness are what Smittybilt sure steps are all about. Truck owners know what it is like to have to climb in and out of the cab continuously, the soles of their shoes constantly trying to find grip on the door sill. It can become a bit too much. With Smittybilt sure steps, you are able to hop right up inside of your rig without an issue.

Constructed of top-quality materials and designed with a non-slip surface, Smittybilt sure steps make life easier. After a while, having to scramble up into the cab can be a grind, especially when you are jumping in and out numerous times throughout the day. It can even be an inconvenience when your boots are caked in mud or sand. What truck running boards do is help you get behind the wheel without a distraction. Dirty shoes? No problem, just use the truck side step to scrape off your soles. Being weighed down by your tool belt? No more calisthenics just to sit behind the wheel. The bottom line is, the goal of using pickup truck running boards is to make it a pleasure cruise to get into your cab.

What separates Smittybilt step bars from nerf bars is their placement. Traditionally, nerf bars are located exclusively at the front doors and can even be found on certain cars. Smittybilt step bars run the length of both the front and back doors, not only making it easier for you to get in the truck, but your passengers, as well. This is a nice feature to have, especially when you are loading people in for camping trips or days at the beach.

Trucks are not the only vehicles that can use Smittybilt step bars. There is a collection of SUVs that can be installed with truck running boards, also. Simply check our site for availability regarding your make and model.

Installation can be handled by most drivers. Smittybilt truck running boards come with custom brackets, instructions, and any hardware you need to do the job. You can choose between gloss black and stainless steel for the finish of your choice.

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