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Jeep fans love Smittybilt tailgate hinges because they add a touch of style to a place where it is not expected. The back of any vehicle is not a location that gets attention. With the Jeep Wrangler, it is different. This is one automobile that people notice. Replacing the factory hardware in favor of Smittybilt tailgate hinges is a quick way to customize your Jeep's exterior. You will notice a shiny accent that stands out whether you have a mounted spare tire or not. It is a hint of exotic flavor that meshes well with the ruggedness the Wrangler is known for.

Smittybilt is a highly reputable name when it comes to Wrangler tailgate accessories due to their quality, fitment, and ease of installation. Durability is the most important attribute for exterior additions. Because of this, Jeep hinge kits are made of genuine 304 stainless steel. The reason steel is used is due to its strength. Your Wrangler tailgate hinges have to be tough enough to stand up the demands of your vehicle and not succumb to wear-and-tear. It is important they are built to last. With Smittybilt tailgate hinges, you can rest assured that they will endure all of the rigors your off-road lifestyle entails.

There are two shapes of Jeep hinge kits, depending on vehicle application. For the CJ, the hinges are compactly square due to the car's back-end styling. On the contrary, Wrangler tailgate hinges are thin, long rectangles that begin at the taillight. Both are guaranteed to fit with precision. Installation is not difficult. Jeep hinge kits for either model simply mount to the existing OEM holes. All of the hardware you need is included along with installation instructions.

You will not have to worry about purchasing Jeep hinge kits separately. For both the Wrangler and the CJ, Smittybilt Jeep door hinges are sold in pairs. There is no mixing and matching.

Another attribute Smittybilt steel Jeep hinges have is the finish. Since they are stainless steel, there is a shimmering custom look. If you take your Jeep off-road, it is recommended to put a coat of wax on your Wrangler tailgate hinges to maintain the shiny finish.

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