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Everyone is familiar with a Jeep spare tire cover. There are few images more iconic than seeing a Jeep all decked out with a vinyl tire cover rumbling by. A lot of folks are under the impression that this is some kind of automotive fashion accessory. However, Jeep spare tire covers serve a serious purpose as a protective layer between your spare wheel and the environment it comes in contact with.

Driving around with an exposed tire on the back brings about several potential risks that Jeep spare tire covers protect from. When the car is in motion wind is created which carries dust, sand, and other particles. The more your spare is left vulnerable to these elements, the more you risk the spare being dysfunctional when you need it most. What a Jeep spare tire cover does is enact a form-fitting case that shields it from being damaged. This is more important for Jeep drivers who enjoy taking their rigs off-road. That is where even more dangers reside and Jeep tire covers become critical.

Off road trails and hills usually host their share of rocks, gravel, sand, leaves and other debris. When you are rolling around the trail, your wheels kick up the surface. Small rocks and pebbles can become airborne and get stuck in the treads of your rear spare or become lodged in the wheel well. This happens regularly to Jeeps that do not have Smittybilt tire covers. Most off-road enthusiasts know that they have to gear up the exterior in order to adequately prepare to hit the woods. One of the first items they purchase is a Smittybilt tire cover.

Quality is the name of the game when it comes to Jeep accessories, which is why Smittybilt uses ultra-tough vinyl for each Wrangler spare tire cover. Vinyl is a strong automotive material that is both weather resistant and durable against hard contact. You can choose from a selection of colors. Smittybilt tire covers come in denim choices such as black, black diamond, gray, khaki, and spice. It does not matter what your tire size is, even if it is oversized. Smittybilt Jeep tire covers come in all sizes and are guaranteed to fit with precision. There are a lot of exterior products you can get for your Wrangler that will protect it. But a Jeep tire cover is a must have for every driver.

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