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Wrangler Body Cladding

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The objective of Wrangler body cladding is to provide an accent of protection to the side of the vehicle. When you take your Jeep off-roading, there are numerous risk factors to deal with. Rocks, bumps, dirt, and dust can all play a role in damaging your Wrangler. Installing XRC body cladding is a smart way to reinforce the lower side of the Jeep, especially for off-road purposes.

Whenever your tires make contact with gravel or sand, they are going to produce kickup. This is when rocks and pebbles can dent your panels. Wrangle body cladding is placed near the lower panels of the doors, where the risk of damage is highest. Once installed, Wrangler body cladding will allow you to pick up speed more often on the trail without having to worry about the potential consequences. Going off-road with your Jeep is an important part of owning one, so playing rough is to be expected. Using Smittybilt body cladding is a good way of taking extra precautions while showing off a unique custom look.

Smittybilt uses 1/8" cold-rolled steel when manufacturing their line of XRC body cladding. Cold rolled steel is a very durable type of steel for exterior automotive applications. It is crafted close to room temperature, which helps give it a sturdy composition. XRC body cladding is built to last and comes backed with a limited lifetime warranty. You can mix and match Smittybilt body cladding with other Jeep body accessories such as rock sliders and rocker guards.

While you can count on Smittybilt side armor to be brute tough, it also comes finished in an attractive matte black powder-coat. For many Wrangler fans, black is the perfect shade to contrast with the body color of their Jeep. However, if you would rather go with a different color, Smittybilt body cladding can be painted because the black finish acts as a primer.

Installation can be a DIY project. Additional exterior modifications are not necessary when installing Wrangler body armor. All you will really need is a drill and an Allen wrench. Smittybilt includes all required hardware along with step-by-step instructions.

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