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SPAL 11" Fan

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If you are looking for a Spal 11" fan, it likely means you drive a performance car. Cars are susceptible to overheating due to a variety of reasons. Vehicles that produce a high amount of velocity or are made for racing require extra care for the car cooling system. Warm climates do not help, either. A Spal 11" fan is a quick yet effective addition to the engine bay that helps manage temps with ease.

The most prevalent Spal 11" fan on the market features curved blades and is applicable for many types of vehicles. Curved blades are preferred for residential performance vehicles because they are as efficient as straight blades but do not make as much noise. An 11" car pull fan installed in the back of the radiator fan will not become overbearingly loud once it kicks on. It will pull air from towards the back of the engine bay and then direct it back through the core. If an 11" car pull fan is employed for the oil cooler, then installation typically involves bracketing it on an angle on the back-end of the block.

You have two choices of preset temp sensors - 185F or 195F. For either temperature, the 11" car pull fan will turn on automatically when it reaches that point. It will also stay on until the temperature goes down 20 full degrees. The reason it does this is for efficiency. An 11" car pull fan is able to better and more consistently manage temperature when it is relayed through a sensor. Drivers do have the option to employ a custom switch which will allow them to turn their Spal USA fan on whenever they want.

Installation methods differ depending on model type and application. Spal electric puller fans do not come with hardware because although it is a universal part, it needs a specialized, custom fitment. For many cars, you can bolt in a Spal electric puller fan using a simple setup of brackets and screws. All it requires is making sure there is enough space available. Sometimes, it can be tough to fit a Spal electric puller fan exactly where you want it because brackets will not fit. When this is the case, bracket straps provide the length you need to account for the distance.

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