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SPAL 14" Fan

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The size of a Spal 14" fan is important, but so are its responsibilities. In a performance or racing model, heat is created near the engine and its surrounding parts. When this area becomes too hot, the functionality of vital components such as the radiator begins to dwindle. A 14" pull fan is tasked with moving the air around these engine parts so your car does not fall victim to the elevated temperature inside the engine bay. It is an upgrade that works fast, efficiently, and for all vehicle types.

Drivers will use a 14" pull fan because the size fits their needs. This size is common because it meets several criteria. Firstly, it is large but can still fit in tight compartments. So long as clearance is adequate, a Spal 14" fan can fit in cars such as the WRX and Focus. Another reason is because it is capable of producing a high amount of CFMs, which makes it useful for managing temps for items like a turbo intercooler or oil cooler. The largest Spal car puller fan is 16", but that diameter is often too large for sporty compacts.

Another critical aspect is how a Spal 14" fan works. If it is intended for a performance car radiator, it is common for the fan to be installed in the back of it. There is often not enough space in front of the radiator for air to be pushed in its direction. Putting a Spal 14" fan in back of it allows the air to be pulled from the rear and distributed through the core. Airflow is given a concise yet strong path right where it needs to be. That way, when the Spal car puller fan turns on, it does not hit a detour on the way to its destination.

There are two primary types of blades - straight and curved. 14" pull fans with straight blades are intended for muscle cars, racecars, and hot rods. That is because the air is cut into a straight path and also, they can be quite loud. Since those kinds of cars have noisy engines, they do not need a Spal car puller fan that is muted. Curved propellers are preferred by many drivers because they offer close to the same kind of power straight blades do but with much less noise.

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