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SPAL 16" Fan

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Most performance drivers choose a Spal 16" fan to improve their cooling system. It is a common upgrade in the racing scene to go with a large size because the potential for airflow is increased. Cars that feature turbo parts meant for competition as well as models armed with big engines benefit from the power a Spal 16" fan provides.

On the pro racing circuit, keeping the engine bay at a reasonable temperature is paramount. Whether it is a late model series or straight-up stock car racing, most races call for drivers to go as long as they can without pitting. That means the engine is constantly in 4th or 5th gear with plenty of braking and shifting. Heat can start to become an issue when traffic around the corners gets tight and speed begins to dip. When a racecar overheats it can lead to disaster. Hoses can actually melt and gaskets can crack. Crew chiefs and mechanics install Spal 16" fans because without them, drivers have little chance to compete unless they hit clean air.

There is also no need to worry about when it turns on. Because it is relayed with a sensor, the Spal 16" fan will kick on as soon as the temperature reaches critical levels. There are two main presets - 185F and 195F. Typically, racing models use the 195F while residential cars employ the 185F preset. Once a Spal high performance fan turns on, it will stay on until the sensor reads that it is 20 degrees cooler than the preset. The best part is that since it is so powerful, the curved pull fan does the job quickly. This is important for all car owners, but it is especially crucial for racers who need to stay on the track and keep their position.

There are multiple locations where it can be very helpful to have a Spal 16" fan. One of the most common is the radiator. The radiator is tasked with cooling the engine and streams coolant through the engine block. That makes it a car's unofficial "temperature management center." If the radiator gets too hot, not only will its functionality suffer, but other engine components will, too. Locking in a radiator cooling fan is a great way to protect any vehicle from overheating. It is a safety issue as much as a performance one. The more the radiator and its surrounding parts stay cool, the longer they last without needing replacement.

Another key spot to place a Spal high performance fan is near the oil cooler. Most drivers are aware of how important engine oil is. Oil is measured in weight and viscosity. Certain engine types require a specific oil weight in order to function properly. Oil is intended to maintain its consistency but it cannot if it becomes too hot. It will thin out and burn up and over time, cause engine gears to grind. Installing a Spal 16" fan next to the oil cooler ensures that the viscosity of the oil retains adequate consistency and continues to flow through the engine without burning up.

The power of a Spal high performance fan is its greatest attribute. No other fan in its class pumps out airflow with the same level of efficiency using a standard 12V system. That is why they are used by a wide variety of vehicle owners, not just racecar drivers. Most Spal 16" fans are rated at approximately 2,000 CFM (cubic feet per minute). The motor does not necessitate drawing an enormous amount of power in order to achieve such a high amount of airflow. Spal has designed the wiring and relay harnesses specifically to minimize the usage of energy compared to generic electric racing fans.

Managing the temperature inside the engine compartment can be an underrated responsibility for most, but those involved in the performance car culture understand its significance. Keeping things cool is not just crucial to be able to drive faster longer, but it is also important in order to maintain a healthy automotive profile. A Spal 16" fan can offer a quick remedy for those who enjoy pushing the pace in their cars without having to be concerned about overheating. It is a customization that is effective for any driver who values what goes on under the hood when their pedal is to the floor.

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