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SPAL 24V Fan

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The benefits of a Spal 24V fan are extensive, especially for busy vehicles. There are both long and short-term ramifications for letting your car overheat. In the short term, it could mean your radiator not working properly. But over time, extreme heat can cause wear on radiator hoses, leading them to be replaced. A Spal 24V is a fast solution to protect your engine parts from being damaged due to excessive heat. They quickly turn on thanks to the sensor and move air in a highly efficient manner. Not just for racecars, vehicles of all types can use a Spal 24V fan.

The two most popular locations for supplemental cooling are the radiator and oil cooler. When used for the radiator, a Spal pull fan is installed in back of it. From here, it grabs air and then re-distributes it through the radiator core. A sensor is responsible for turning a Spal pull fan on automatically, although some drivers prefer to have a remote switch so they can do it themselves. Installation differs slightly for other engine components. If you are going to use a Spal pull fan for oil, some vehicles require moving the cooler off of the engine block and relocating it. When this is the case, you can opt for straps instead of brackets for installation.

For vehicles that do not have an oil temperature gauge, it is recommended to use a sensor with a Spal pull fan. There are two main preset temps sensors can be chosen in: 185F and 195F. When the sensor notices the temp rises above (either) preset, it will automatically kick the oil cooling fan on. It will stay on until the temperature has gone down 20 degrees so that the engine compartment can maintain a normal climate. However, an oil cooling fan does not have to "pull." There are different options available. Many drivers opt for "push" for their oil cooling fan. When applied to the oil cooler, air comes at it directly and does not have an obstacle to bounce off of.

You can choose Spal USA accessories designed just for automotive electric fans. For some racing models or vehicles with large engines, you can install more than one fan, with each having a different task or both in one location. All of the wiring and relay harness options you need are available through UltraRev.

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