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SPAL 6.5" Fan

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A lot of drivers use a Spal 6.5" fan because they want a combination of high performance and a compact unit. If you were to pop open the hood of a late model racecar, chances are you would find a low profile pull fan pointed at the radiator or oil cooling system. When there are a lot of engine components, sometimes space is limited. Fitting things in can be tight and hard to do. That is one of the advantages of a Spal 6.5" fan. It has a short diameter and a slim design that makes it easy to fit in just about any engine bay. All you need to do first is measure for clearance. After that, you can safely wire in a Spal 6.5" fan with no problem.

The primary objective is adequate cooling. A low profile pull fan helps a great deal in achieving consistent normal temps during situations where engine components typically heat up. Many times, staying at a cruising speed or being stuck in traffic can cause a radiator to overheat. In most cars, overheating starts to happen after 190F. In cars and trucks with large engines, this can be a significant issue. The usage of a low profile pull fan makes a big difference. Not only does it help cool things down instantly, but it can also save money for the future. Maintaining optimum temperatures mean radiator hoses do not get worn as fast and crack.

Using a low profile pull fan for a performance car radiator is a common occurrence. Many mechanics and experienced drivers recommend installing one here because it is where temperature is regulated. Spal fans are typically installed in back of the radiator. What they do is "pull" air from the back and through. Installing a Spal radiator pull fan involves using brackets or straps, depending on how the engine compartment is configured. If there is adequate space, you can lock it in and then connect the wires and relay harness, with the whole process taking just a few minutes. For installs where the mounting points are far away, you can use bracket straps. These connect to the Spal radiator pull fan and can be mounted from a greater distance.

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