automotive colling fan



SPAL USA began in 1959 by a pair of Italian men, which initially specialized in plastic mold design and production. This lasted for quite some years before SPAL automotive introduced SPAL cooling fans and SPAL centrifugal blowers for automobiles and other applications in 1970. This is when the company really took off since there were no other quality aftermarket fans for the industry.

All of their products were being distributed from their main location in Correggio, Italy. With the success of SPAL cooling fans, the company decided to design and produce 12-volt automotive accessories. SPAL power window kits, SPAL power door kits and SPAL shaved door kits were introduced in 1985, which added to their already evolving product line.

The aftermarket company then decided to enter the mobile phone market in 1990, when it started booming. SPAL USA was literally trying to take a piece of every industry and conquer it.

Beginning in 2001, SPAL automotive opened up a facility in China, in which it offered its cooling fans and centrifugal blowers. They felt that they needed another location to offer customers who could not benefit from their quality products since they were located in Italy.

After the move to China in 2001, the company then made a few more moves to popular locations like Iowa in the United States, Brazil, India, Great Britain, Russia, and Japan. Along with being in business for over 50 years comes a perfection of products in which customers all around benefit from. SPAL fans are even used by automotive manufacturers on vehicles coming off the production line.