automotive colling fan

SPAL Automotive Cooling Fans

SPAL Automotive Cooling Fans

Every vehicle has automotive cooling fans to help cool down the engine and keep it at a normal operating temperature. Automotive cooling fans also regulate the temperature and are typically turned on or off by a switch that is controlled by the thermostat. The engine's thermostat turns the fans on or off when it reaches a certain temperature. SPAL cooling fans are the number one replacement cooling fans for both OEM and aftermarket applications.

SPAL cooling fans come in many different sizes to accommodate any application that you need it for. Their radiator cooling fans are also perfect for custom vehicles that need a specific size to fit in a small area. Your high performance racing vehicle can also benefit from SPAL cooling fans. Their high performance fans will cool down your engine better than any other cooling fan.

Your factory automotive cooling fans can break at any time from either normal wear and tear or damage from road debris. SPAL cooling fans are direct replacements for your current fans and will keep the engine cool much better. The last thing you want is a damaged engine from insufficient cooling fans.

Automotive cooling fans are either located at the front of the radiator, or behind the radiator. The front cooling fans are known as pusher fans, and the fans that sit behind the radiator are known as puller fans. SPAL cooling fans come in both versions, depending on what vehicle you have. Most fans are electronically controlled as well which gets their power from the engine when operating. SPAL cooling fans are also much quieter with fewer vibrations than your current radiator cooling fan.

Automotive cooling fans are located in the fan shroud which houses the fans. The fan shroud helps direct the air in or out and protects the fans at the same time. In some cases, just the shroud may need to be replaced if it is cracked. SPAL cooling fans will also fit in your existing fan shroud and should be chosen to your vehicle's specifications.

SPAL cooling fans are available in different blade types as well including curved blades, straight blades and paddle blades. Each of these SPAL fans does the same job, but enthusiasts are able to choose the type they want.

The bigger the fan, the more air they will produce to cool your engine quicker. Bigger fans are geared towards high performance racing vehicles where temperatures sky rocket. These vehicles include drag racing cars and other cars made for the race track. If the engine is not cooled quickly enough, it will start to overheat and not perform as well. Just think of automotive cooling fans like fans or air conditioning for people. When we get too hot, we need to stop and cool down or we will overheat. Automotive cooling fans keep the engine running so they do not need a break.

SPAL fans are also very affordable for what they provide. SPAL cooling fans actually cost less than if you were to buy replacement fans from your dealership or mechanic. They are crafted much better and will last longer as well. If you need a smaller cooling fan for your custom engine, SPAL has that as well. SPAL cooling fans come as small as 7.5 inches. They are small and thin to fit in areas where other larger fans cannot. These SPAL fans are perfect for oil cooling purposes as well.

SPAL cooling fans consist of a waterproof and dustproof motor to prevent any damage while driving. The motor is encased in a tight seal so there will never be a problem. Dust and water find its way into the engine bay every time you take your vehicle out. Just think of all the bugs and debris on your front bumper after a long drive. SPAL cooling fans prevent these harmful contaminants from entering the fan motor.

Most vehicles have dual fans in which one is used for when the air condition is turned on and the other is the cooling fan for the engine. Both can and will be on while driving if you are at idle or driving at low speeds. When the vehicle is at higher speeds, the cooling fan is usually never on since the engine is seeing increased air flow.