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Drivers are interested in Spal cooling fans because they are interested in performance. Those who own racing models, hot rods, and high performance cars require a higher level of attention paid to their engine compartment, where things can heat up the most. Spal cooling fans are used by professional racing organizations across the globe including NASCAR and Formula 1 due to their design, size variety, and efficiency. There are also different blade shapes as well as wiring options available. If you need a higher level of temperature management under your hood, there is a Spal cooling fan ready to do the job.

One of the questions drivers need to answer first is, how much space do they have available. This depends on where the car racing fan is going to be located. Some may want to install it near the radiator or instead use it to cool the oil. The amount of clearance has to be determined in either location. Once it is established, you can choose the type of car racing fan you want. Most will fit wherever you need because Spal designed them that way. There is an entire line of Spal low profile fans that are meant to fit in tight spaces inside your engine bay.

You can also select via blade type. Car racing fans come with straight blades, curved blades, and paddle blades. Some wonder what the blade types represent. Straight blades are most commonly used for performance vehicles because of the direct motion in which air is cut towards their objective. Curved car radiator fan blades offer a similar level of airflow but with a much quieter touch. You can choose paddle propellers that are either straight or curved. Most curved bladed configurations are pullers, but there are several push options available, as well.

The motor in the center of each Spal low profile fan is encased and protected from the surrounding elements. Liquids, dust, or debris cannot penetrate the covering where the motor resides. Before you wire in your Spal low profile fan you have to decide whether you are going to use a remote controller or fan sensor. When using a sensor your fan will turn on at 185F or 195F, depending on the switch.

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