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There are different styles of Spal cooling fans that drivers use. It depends on several factors, such as what parts you need an electric car fan for, how the engine bay is configured, and overall driving habits. The two main kinds of Spal cooling fans are "push" and "pull." They work just as they sound. A Spal fan that pushes displaces the air forward towards its destination point. This can be applied to both distinct places under the hood while also being tasked with cooling a general area. It emits an effective path of airflow, but that air can bounce or deflect off of an object. That is why a Spal cooling fan that pushes is used more for specialized applications.

For major automotive parts like the car radiator or oil cooler, pull fans are often preferred. Propellers that push can cause air to bounce back since it is coming forward from its origin. Air that is being pulled is given a concise direction to funnel straight through. A lot of drivers will take a pull fan and install it right in back of the radiator. The airflow gets pulled from the back and is delivered into the core of the part for maximum effect. In addition, pull fans work as well when used for the intercooler or oil cooling unit. Here, the method of installation is key. Using the right brackets and mounting procedure is imperative to how efficiently a Spal fan operates.

Blades play a large role. Spal fans are available in numerous blade shapes and thickness. Paddle blades are wide and waft air to initiate a thicker breeze. Trucks and vehicles with large engines will sometimes feature paddle fan blades because they have a roomy area to function in. Thinner blades are known to "slice" the air and are just as effective, especially in hot rods and racecars. Curved Spal fans are among the most popular. That is because they demonstrate a high amount of performance yet offer a much quieter sound than traditional straight blades. They are available in many sizes starting at 4" in diameter and go all the way up to 16".

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