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SPAL Curved Fan

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Drivers install Spal curved fans to keep engine parts and radiators cool for maximum performance. Heat builds up in the engine bay due to two main reasons: engine output and the lack of cooler air. If your car has been idling or churning at cruising speed, a Spal curved fan provides the breeze necessary to prevent overheating. It is more common for sports cars and racing models to need a Spal curved fan. However, any vehicle that sees a lot of time on the road can use one, as well.

Using a Spal S blade fan brings about several performance benefits that drivers appreciate. For starters, these blades move air efficiently. Straight blade fans are very good at taking a direct approach in pushing (or pulling) air, but they knife the air for more power. Spal S blade fans have contoured blades that are shaped to displace air in a smoother pattern. The energy produced by the motor is only slightly less powerful than with straight blades, but the difference is nearly negligible. In fact, most late model drivers today prefer Spal S blade fans over the traditional straight blades.

Another favorable attribute of a Spal S blade fan is that it is quiet. Straight propellers buzz and whir and can be very loud. For drivers that are looking for a high performance cooling solution but are not competitive racers, a Spal S blade fan is a better choice. Even after hitting the exit ramp on the highway and back down to cruising speed, a quiet car cooling fan will just lightly hum in the background until it shuts off. Some drivers report that they do not even hear it when their fans turn on in the first place.

You can find Spal quiet car cooling fans in a variety of sizes. That is because they are used for many different car applications. The most popular sizes range from 10" to 12", but they are available from 7" in diameter all the way up to 16". There are also medium profile and low profile quiet car cooling fans. With so little space to access mounting points near radiators and intercoolers, it is important that you can fit your part without disrupting important components. Spal curved blade fans can be mounted inside space as low as 1 1/2".

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