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SPAL Door Pillars

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Using a set of Spal door pillars gives you the ability for your sliding doors to move without restriction. Most vans have automatic sliding door systems. These doors are heavy and feature a motor inside of them that actuates their opening and closing. Permanent wiring along with repeatedly shutting can over time cause wear. Spal door pillars replace original contact points with a mechanism to bypass interference.

The motor inside van sliding doors is programmed to open and shut on command. But restraint takes place because the wiring is individually circuited. Spal door pillars re-route the wiring with a simpler solution. You are able to circumvent the OEM permanent wiring system to cease any restriction that takes place when the door is closed. This allows for a much more convenient method for your van door pillars to work without being hindered by one central locking point.

Spal door contact kits are preferred by drivers who use their vans for work-related activities. Constantly climbing in and out to unload cargo means that the functionality of the van door wiring is imperative. The OEM sliding door contact is not meant for autonomous control. Installing a Spal door contact kit allows for quicker access because the wires no longer have to wait for a signal from one centralized location. You take control and the doors open quicker and easier, wasting less time to access what you need.

One of the best features Spal door contact kits offer is their availability. They are a universal part and can be used on just about any van that has sliding door motors. People who own models like the Honda Odyssey and Dodge Caravan can install a Spal door contact kit. Cargo vehicles benefit from them the most because their van door pillars see the most action. Most of the time, these autos are used for commercial purposes, which means that the door wiring is at greater risk to become damaged.

As long as you your doors have motors, you can use a Spal pillar contact set. The only thing that differs is the precise location. Most van door pillars are located in the middle, which makes installation fast and easy. All of the hardware you need is included with your set.

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