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SPAL Double Blower

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You can use a Spal double blower in most vehicles if you are looking to upgrade the automotive HVAC system. They can also be applied for industrial purposes. One of the main features of a Spal 24V blower is their availability in different options and arrangements. You can choose their placement, their application, and power setting depending on your car's needs. Spal double blowers come with multiple speed settings and housings to match a variety of systems.

There are two main attributes that highlight their usefulness. Spal double blowers are lauded for their low level of noise. Despite the speed you set the 24V car ac motor to, there will not be an overwhelming amount of noise coming out of the vents. This is a big plus for a lot of drivers who upgrade to a Spal 24V blower because they want more quiet. The motor lightly hums because the fan blades rotate snugly inside the housing. Air coming out is muffled before it reaches the ducts.

When it comes to airflow ratings, Spal 24V blowers are available in several choices. You can find them in CFM configurations as low as 218 and as high as 708. Spal 24V blowers that are most powerful are double wheel blowers. It is a good idea to check your OEM specifications before installation. Some cars will not properly host a new car blower motor that is rated at a significantly higher level than the original factory fan.

The importance of quality is evident in how the motor fits in the louver. The motor is encased inside of the housing to protect it from being vulnerable to the environment. Because of how the centrifugal fan operates within the car, warm air swirls around the outside of the louver and sticks to its surface. Often, OEM blow motors do not have sturdy casing to keep away any peripheral dust or dirt. When dust manages to penetrate the housing and attach to the fan blades, it can slow down its operation and require replacement. Spal car blower motors are thoroughly protected. Moisture, dust, and debris are kept away, allowing it to operate at maximum effectiveness for the life of your vehicle.

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