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Drivers use a variety of Spal fan parts to better control the temperature of the engine compartment. There are many reasons why maintaining an adequate internal temp is important for car owners. A main factor is safety. When engine components heat up it triggers a domino effect. One part will emit heat and it will spread elsewhere. This is when items such as radiator hoses, coolant, and transmission lines take on heat from other places and rise in temperature themselves. If this happens often, eventually, components can break down and start to become damaged.

Of course, performance is also a major issue. Excessive heat breaks down oil and compromises its viscosity. With the engine working hard either idling or at cruising speed, overheating tends to occur. Most Spal fan parts are designed specifically to stop that from happening. It is especially crucial for racecar drivers or those who own a vehicle with immense engine demands. Competitive racers often employ an electric car pull fan behind the radiator and intercooler so that they can retain normal temps throughout a race without having to pit. You usually see Spal fan parts under the hoods of NASCAR models and other pro racing series cars.

Residential vehicle owners can use an electric car pull fan, as well. One of the most preferred methods of car enthusiasts is to install two fans. Drivers see a couple of benefits with this kind of application. Firstly, there is a stronger amount of airflow available to help keep things cool. Another is for backup. People who own vintage hot rods or muscle cars sometimes keep two electric car pull fans going in case one breaks down due to heavy custom wiring. A lot of times, these cars are intended for demonstration purposes and do not reach high speeds. When these drivers are continuously going slow or in traffic, their cars have a tendency to overheat. They want another fan so they do not become stuck if one goes out.

It should be noted that Spal fan parts are made to connect using wires and material that the company provides. Spal USA purposefully assembles all of their wiring components to mate with their own equipment. Mixing and matching wires often does not work appropriately. Most of their performance car fans use a vehicle's 12V system. But what happens is sometimes a mechanic or tech-savvy driver will use wire routes on their own with the belief it will work. The reason why they do not is because they are not made to be exposed to the constant heated environment present in the engine bay.

That is a critical factor why Spal fan parts should be used the right way. All of their wires are made and assembled to handle the climate they will be used in. They are properly configured for 10/40 amps and will not short out due to improper application. On top of that, Spal uses 3/8" NPT wiring threading. The objective of this is so that when you connect the relay, it will naturally pull tight without you having to do extra work when you ground the wires. This matters most when dealing with radiator fan parts because of how they are installed. If the radiator shroud is boxed thick, the wires may need to reach further.

Using the proper Spal fan parts you need for installation is easy. You can use either brackets or straps. Most of the time, brackets are adequate so long as there is the necessary amount of clearance. Brackets come with different feet for appropriate length. Sometimes, it takes handling a Dremel before simply screwing them in. If length is an issue, the other Spal fan parts that will work are the straps. The straps are made of both plastic and steel and come in a slim, rectangular shape. What you can do with the bracket straps is affix them to the four input holes on the fan and then measure for distance. From here, you can create the angle you need to securely install your fan without it disrupting another place in the engine compartment.

Drivers can find plenty of Spal fan parts for their cars. They are a universal fit and work in just about every vehicle. While they are most popular for performance vehicles, even everyday automobiles can benefit from hosting a supplemental fan for temperature maintenance. It will not only keep engine parts cool, but it will prevent long-term damage caused by heat.

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