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SPAL Fan Mounts

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You will need Spal fan mounts to properly install your fan. Each bracket kit includes a square headed M6 bolt, nut, washer, and their special U stiffener. The objective of the Spal fan mounts is to provide a safe, sturdy bracket so that you can install the unit as flush as possible in close quarters. In addition, Spal also offers mounting pins. The pins are 7" long and intended for small diameter fans that are light in weight. Certain applications call for specific installation guidelines, so be sure to know which type of Spal fan mount is right for your car.

The type of material is very important, especially given where the performance car fan will be located. Spal mounting brackets are comprised of specialized plastic that is suited for motor vehicle application. Temperatures under the hood can rise quickly. That means Spal mounting brackets are constantly exposed to extreme heat and not to mention, tight conditions. The plastic has to be durable enough to host the performance car fan gasket without being vulnerable to high temperatures. For decorative purposes, Spal mounting brackets are black to blend in with your other engine components.

When length is an issue, strap supports are available. The straps are similar to regular Spal mounting brackets in that they bolt to the fan and its destination point. They are different in shape, length, and material. Strap brackets are made of plastic and steel. Steel is used because if the performance car fan needs to be located far from its mounting point the strap will need extra toughness to support its leverage. Also, the brackets are traditional compact L shaped supports. The straps are slim rectangles with mounting holes placed throughout their length.

Whichever bracketing option you choose for your Spal fan, you will need four of them to complete installation. You also have to account for the wiring, sensor, and relay harness when surveying the space necessary to mount your automotive cooling fan. The actual size of the unit may also play a role. For smaller fans installed against the car radiator or towards the oil cooler, brackets should do the job. If you are trying to place the fan in a tight space but cannot fit brackets, the straps might be more appropriate.

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