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SPAL Lock Actuator

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Looking for a SPAL lock actuator means you are either searching for a replacement or improvement over your OEM setup. If your model did not come with car power locks, you can make the conversion simply by installing a full kit. The Spal lock actuator is necessary because it is responsible for the physical task of locking and unlocking your doors. For vehicles with remote entry, this happens when the fob button is pressed. The Spal lock actuators receive a signal that is sent from the device, changing the door locks' status.

An innovatively streamlined design is behind how this part works. A Spal power lock actuator is a slim motorized unit. It is shaped similarly to the male end of a 9V car adaptor. When installed, a Spal power lock actuator is located inside the car door and works in conjunction with your OEM locking mechanism. The design is suited more for systems that use rods. However, a Spal power lock actuator can work inside most vehicles which host cables or latches. The main difference is in the time it takes for installation. It is quicker to install a Spal power lock actuator in cars with rods.

There are multiple benefits to Spal's design. The motor housed in the replacement power door actuator is quiet. It is not a disruptive whirring sound. The materials are also of very high quality. Encased in specialized plastic and reinforced for extra protection, each replacement power door actuator is tough enough to handle most contemporary door systems. The only vehicles it is recommended not using them on are older models or cars with very heavy doors. In these cars, the replacement power door actuator may not be able to mate properly with the OEM components or withstand their doors' cumbersome nature.

You can purchase individual actuators or find them included in a power door lock kit. If acquired separately, you can choose between 2-wire and 5-wire assemblies. To check which type of wiring setup you will need, you can consult your car repair manual or open up a door panel. These Spal replacement parts are made for most vehicles and represent a universal fit.

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