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SPAL M5 Module

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You will need a Spal M5 module to complete your replacement lock kit. There are several options for drivers when they want to convert their manual doors into a convenient automatic configuration. A Spal M5 module connects to your aftermarket power lock kit and serves as the catalyst for your locks to open. Inside each vehicle is a central locking unit that is responsible for relaying the signal that prompts doors to lock or unlock. For cars that come without automatic locks, a Spal M5 module is responsible receiving that signal and then initiating the lock/unlock sequence.

The convenience of having power doors can be enjoyed by more drivers than ever before. If you are interested in upgrading manual doors into automatic, you must first learn how your OEM components will host the power lock module. In most cars, there is a rodded locking system, where the rods pull in order for the car door to unlock. Where you install your power lock module along with the kit will depend on the exact location of the rods and if the unit can be mounted without causing interference. In most vehicles, it is no issue at all. However, for older cars or vehicles with large, heavy doors, using a kit with a power lock module may be difficult to install and in some cases, is not recommended.

You can use Spal parts to improve upon the original factory components. Power lock modules can be used as replacements for OEM parts because they are a universal fit. Prior to installation, check to see how the wiring is constructed and how it will be relayed into your door panel. That will make it easier once you are ready to install your Spal power lock module. Most door panels come off easily, as there are hidden tabs either on the corners or behind the fabric. Overall, installing a Spal power lock module can be accomplished by most. Once you are finished, your locking system should function properly as if it came from the OEM. This is aided by the material as much as the design. Each Spal power lock module kit is designed to outlast the life of your vehicle.

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