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When the engine bay heats up it is good to have a performance radiator fan to keep things cool. Spal is a company that specializes in producing engine and radiator cooling components designed specifically to do just that. There are several different kinds of performance radiator fans, so it is important to know which type fits your car's needs. You can figure this out by locating your radiator and determining the space available. How you plan to use your performance radiator fan is also important. If you are a racer or drive a tuned-up car, your cooling requirements may be more sophisticated.

A lot of people know that the radiator in your car manages the temperature along with the thermostat. In high performance vehicles, temperatures rise more often due to the engine output, which can lead to the radiator overheating. A Spal radiator fan will help prevent that from occurring. They are designed to pull air right into the engine compartment and assist in decreasing the temperature. In some cases, drivers may use two Spal radiator fans. This is most common with larger engine bays in performance cars. There would be one electric racing fan used for the radiator and a separate fan meant for the A/C condenser.

The size of your Spal radiator fan is significant. Larger fans provide more cooling for cars that see higher temperatures, but that is not the only criteria you should use when making your selection. A lot of it has to do with the space available to mount your fan. Most Spal radiator fan applications call for at least 1"-1.5" of clearance in back of the unit. If there is not enough space, not only will the Spal plastic fan be too tight of a fit, but it could also easily get damaged. It is not recommended to move radiator components in order to fit a 12v cooling fan.

Blade shape is another trait to consider. Spal plastic fans that have straight blades are meant for race cars. These fans blow air more directly but can often be heard even when the car is in gear. Many drivers also look for Spal plastic fans that have curved blades. The curved shape makes the fan quieter with the volume not permeating through the radiator fan shroud.

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