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SPAL Pop Doors

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A unique customization, Spal pop doors bring both fashion and functionality to a car's profile. The premise itself is intriguing. Spal pop doors use solenoids which punch open your vehicle's doors via remote entry. It is a measure of convenience. You could be approaching your car from a distance and instead of using the FOB to unlock your doors, this goes one step further by opening them for you. In the past, this kind of feature was mostly witnessed at custom car shows and the like. But over the years, Spal pop doors have found their way into vehicles owned by everyday drivers.

Several components are behind how this upgrade operates for cars with shaved door handles. Spal pop door kits come with two remotes with four buttons each as well as two internal relays and wiring hardware. But the pop door kit does not work without the two solenoids. The solenoid is responsible for completing the physical task of popping the door(s) open. They are rated at 40 lbs. of pull with a little over an inch of movement. When you press the button on your car remote entry FOB, the pop door solenoids hit the locking mechanism to open up instantly.

Most drivers use this for coupes, but they can be used for other vehicles, as well. If your car has four doors instead of two, you need to purchase additional solenoids. However, you already have the control module. Pop door kits come with a seven-channel control module which allows you to operate solenoids in different locations. Should you choose, you can place one in your trunk if it does not open automatically via remote. Truck owners can install a Spal shaved door set for extended cabs, as well.

If you are going to remove your handles, it is important to be prepared. You should purchase your pop door kit in advance of removing your handles so you can access your car prior to the install. It is also a good idea to do some cleaning. Before installing a Spal shaved door set make sure the area where the solenoids will be located is clear of debris. Dirt or excessive dust can interrupt the relay or get in the way. Prior experience with automotive electronics is not required for installing a Spal shaved door set, but it is recommended.

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