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Aftermarket Power Locks

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Most drivers use aftermarket power locks because they grow tired of having to wait to get in and out of their car. It is one customization that is applicable for virtually all types of vehicles and is more accessible than ever before. Doing a Spal power lock conversion involves using the included parts in conjunction with your OEM door infrastructure. You can enjoy a higher level of convenience while also increasing your vehicle's resale value. Regardless of what kind of car you drive, a Spal power lock conversion will work with OEM-precision.

Whether you have two or four doors, your car is eligible for this upgrade. Spal power lock kits are available for both styles. A lot of contemporary vehicles do not come with automatic car door locks. The only way they can be obtained in most models is as part of an additional package. What a lot of drivers do is purchase aftermarket power locks and install them on their own. They can even be used on vintage cars. Vehicle owners who use their models to cruise or for car shows apply a Spal power lock kit for both a custom appearance and improved functionality.

In order to properly install aftermarket power locks you are going to have to use all of the components Spal provides. You will also involve the rod that is behind the door panel. Each Spal power lock conversion comes with an M5 locking module, all necessary hardware, wires, and installation instructions. For most vehicles you will need to pull out hidden tabs to access the door panels. While each car has slightly different components inside the doors, the Spal power lock kit is designed to fit the structure and arrangement of the rods and (potential) wiring pathways.

There is a high amount of versatility with this installation. Your car's central locking unit is employed, as well. That means if you unlock one door (or lock) it will unlock both (or all) doors. Spal power lock kits work with factory remote entry FOBs and security systems. You will need to use other Spal accessories and switches to achieve remote entry, but the conversion is still easy following the directions. It is recommended to order remote switches prior to installing the automotive power doors. Click on the Shop Now button to get started.

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