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SPAL Puller Fan

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Though used in a variety of motor vehicle applications, Spal puller fans are mostly seen in performance cars. You can witness them in action inside Ferraris, Porsches, and tuner models such as the 370Z. That is because with cars that are intended for higher speeds, drivers need a Spal puller fan to keep the engine bay at a reasonable temperature.

The direction of airflow is paramount when choosing an electric car radiator fan. Another critical detail is the amount of space available. Spal puller fans are often chosen due to their efficiency and placement. The back of the radiator is the best place to install an electric car radiator fan because of airflow. When air is directed from the back of the radiator, it takes less energy to produce adequate volume to initiate cooling. When the radiator heats up, a Spal USA pull fan is in perfect position to pull the air from the back and blow it forward. This makes a difference in how efficient both the radiator and condenser function when at a high temperature.

It is also important to take into account the blades. You can find Spal USA pull fans in both straight and curved blades. Straight blades are noisier than curved, but are preferred by some because they are assumed to move more air. However, a lot of drivers choose Spal USA pull fans with curved blades because they work as efficiently and are much quieter. Blades have become more of a style preference than a functional one as technology has increased. Either type of blade in a Spal USA fan operates at an extremely high level.

For some drivers, one is not enough. There are many car applications where two Spal USA pull fans are installed. There are two reasons why one might do this. Firstly, for more cooling power. If the proper amps are accounted for (most electric car radiator fans are 12v using 22 amps), a driver can use their remote switch to turn them on in the engine cooling system for faster results. Secondly, for safety. With cars that have a tendency to overheat due to performance accessories, if a fuse blows there is another electric car radiator fan to fall back on.

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